***All projects that follow CAN be done as a class at CG, if you aren't feeling crafty enough on your own! Call the store to schedule a time!***

Magazine Tree:

Recycling is great, and when you can tie a Martha Stewart craft in with it, perfection. Here I will explain how you can turn a regular magazine into a TREE!

Materials Needed:

2 magazines(not super thick, think People Magazine not Glamour)
Hot Glue Gun
Spray Adhesive
Spray Paint
Wooden Disk(you can find these at any craft store in the wooden section. Or just cut out a thick piece of cardboard, both would work)

Step 1. Select a magazine, open to the center and begin folding.

You will fold into the center, crease well. You want it as close to the binding as possible, the top of the page should be pointy. Once ALL the pages are folded for the entire magazine, go to...

Step 2. Fold each page into the center again, remember to crease well and keep the top of the page as pointy as possible by creasing into the center of the magazine binding.

Step 3. Now you will have all the pages folded twice, and your magazine will look like this:

All these flaps need to be folded inside so the bottom of the "tree" will be flat.

Step 4. That was fun, wasn't it? Now take magazine # 2, repeat all steps.

Step 5. When both magazines are folded, run a strip of hot glue down the outer spine of each and glue together. Then finish the bottom

by gluing in the center the wooden disk or cardboard circle. Now, the fun and messy part.

Step 6. Move to an area with good ventilation and a place that can be messy. Preferably outside/your garage. Take your spray paint and spray with your desired color. You may want to just frost the edges or paint the whole dang thing, totally up to you! Once that dries for a few minutes, coat one small area at a time with the spray adhesive. IMMEDIATELY sprinkle the glitter after spraying the adhesive, it dries quick. Make your way around the whole tree and voila:

You have yourself a pretty swanky holiday decoration! Try different colors:

and embellish with stickers, bows, whatever. If you can hot glue it on there, go for it!

Step 7. Get out your vacuum/dustbuster/broom, because you now will have glitter all over the place.

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  1. What a great recycling project! And they look so elegant too! Great job on the tutorial and being on top of the upcoming holiday.