Meet the Artist: Emily Good

It is a great debate: art versus craft. While the store may be called Crafty Goodness, everything inside CG's four walls are art. Whenever you take a raw material and turn it into something unique, that's art. Maybe your "blank canvas" isn't a canvas at all, perhaps it's a yard of fabric, a skein of yarn or a block of wood. It's the creative process behind each item we have for sale that makes each vendor at CG a true artist.

Every few weeks, we will be featuring a different vendor and giving insight into their art. Our first featured artist is Emily Good.

Who is Emily Good?
A Junior at the Cleveland Institute of Art. After studying Industrial Design for a semester she switched her major to Communication Design, with a minor in Ceramics.

What is your favorite medium?
"I really love working with wood but I started working with letter press last year and I fell in love with it. I also love ceramics and working with metal."

Currently Emily's wooden chess set is being featured at Crafty Goodness.

What woods were used in the creation of the set?
Purple Heart, Maple and diseased Beech

How long was the creation process?
"I worked on the set everyday for 6 weeks. Every single part of the set was hand cut and sanded by hand."

What's next for Emily?

"I just finished building my first track bike frame. I am in the process of slip casting book ends and pressing porcelain tiles. I am also working on a self promotional piece and a couple random assignments for my classes."

Be sure to stop in and check out this exceptional set. Makes a unique, one of a kind holiday gift!

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