Fesi Embroidery and Felted Bead Classes

This Sunday, May 22, guest teacher Emily will be teaching Fesi Embroidery. The class is $25, and will run from 2-4 pm. But what is Fesi Embroidery? It is an amazing style of embroidery where the front looks exactly like the back. If you embroider, this will be a great additional stitch style to learn. If you have never embroidered, it will be a good introduction to how cool stitching can be. And where did our guest teacher learn such a skill? MOROCCO, that's where! Later in the month, Emily will also be teaching felted beads:

on Sunday, May 29th from 2-3 pm. The class will only be $10, and Sunday is a great day to get crafty. Click here for a registration form, or stop at the store. All classes must be registered for at least 2 days in advance. Any questions, call the store at 216-226-4880 or email

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